Press Releases


June 2017

June Incident Report

6-15-17 Burglary Dogwood Avenue De Kalb, MS

6-16-17 Auto Burglary missing item: Heritage Rough Rider .22 magnum revolver McDonald Rd Preston, MS

6-23-17 Breaking and Entering Park Ave DeKalb, MS

6-23-17 Shooting into a Vehicle Boyd town Rd De Kalb, MS


May 2017 Community Occurrence

May 2017 Incident Report

5-6-17 Shooting into a Motor Vehicle Brown Rd Porterville, MS

5-6-17 Vandalism Pleasant Hill Church Rd Collinsville, MS

5-9-17 Assault Hwy 16 West De Kalb, MS

5-10-17 Auto Burglary Philadelphia Rd De Kalb, MS

5-14-17 Vandalism Hwy 39 N De Kalb, MS

5-18-17 Burglary missing item: M&P Smith &Wesson A.R. Assault Rifle(Iron Sights), Benali 12 Gauge Pump with Pistol Grip (3 point sling), 52” Samsung TV, 1000 Round of 556 Ammo.

Davis Ishee Allen Rd DeKalb, MS

5-20-17 Vandalism Hwy 45 Porterville, MS

5-25-17 Malicious Mischief Townsend Rd De Kalb, MS

5-30-17 Theft Hwy 39N DeKalb, MS

April 2017 Community Occurrences

April 2017 Incident Report

4-2-17 Theft of Power Meter Prismatic Caldwell Rd Daleville, MS

4-2-17 Burglary Stolen items gas heater Prismatic Caldwell Rd Daleville, MS

4-4-17 B &E stolen items bag of fertilizer, grass seeds, (2) dewalt 7 ¼ skill saw, dewalt rotarty hammer drill, dewalt 1/2’ electric drill, kobalt tool set HWY 45 Porterville, MS

4-9-17 Theft of Tractor Lizzie Shears Rd De Kalb, MS

4-12-17 Burglary stolen items yellow set of metal vehicle ramps HWY 16 West De Kalb, MS

4-13-17 House Burglary stolen item revolver Terry Rd Lauderdale, MS

4-18-17 Breaking and Entering Townsend Rd Porterville, MS

4-29-17 Breaking and Entering Johnson Rd Preston, MS

March 2017 Community Occurrences

March 2017 Incident Report

3-3-17 B&E New Hope Rd DeKalb,MS Missing items 32’ Flat Screen TV and Power aid bottle with change inside

3-4-17 Theft Hwy 16 De Kalb, MS Stolen item Nine West Purse

3-9-17 Fraud, by wire Hwy 16 West DeKalb, MS

3-12-17 Assault Quinton Nunn Road DeKalb, MS

3-13-17 Burglary of Dwelling Lynville Rd De Kalb, MS Missing items Marlin Pump Shotgun, $500-$600 in loose change, Stainless steel small BHG Grill and cookware, Hummingbird depth finder, Dwelt Impact Drill, Pitch Perfect DVD, Yankee Candle, Cereal, Gold I phone 5S Gold, White I phone 4

3-15-17 Lustful Touching of a Child John C. Stennis  Avenue De Kalb, MS

3-16-17 Shoplifting Philadelphia Rd De Kalb, MS

3-16-17 Shoplifting Hwy 16 De Kalb, MS

3-19-17 Domestic Disturbance Willie Clark Rd DeKalb, MS

3-22-17 Burglary Center Ridge Church Rd Porterville, MS Missing 51 individual pieces of cement benches

3-29-17 Trespassing less than larceny/ Joy Riding Veterans St DeKalb, MS


Operation Safety Net

Almost two dozen people are facing charges after a weekend safety operation in Kemper County.
A total of 20 arrests were made as part of Operation Safety Net. A month in the making, the operation involved 42 officers from: the Kemper County Sheriff’s Department, the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, the Mississippi Highway Patrol, the Mississippi Alcoholic Beverage Control agency, the K-9 unit for the Jones County Sheriff’s Department and officials from the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks.
“It’s a high number, “says Sheriff James Moore. “ Think about it, Kemper County is a very large county. In order to make a difference on that kind of operation, it takes a lot.”
With a goal to make roadways and overall communities more safe, as part of the operation the officers were divided up into several groups and they targeted different parts of the county all at once.
“Nobody wants to deal with impaired drivers on roads,” says Moore.
“Nobody wants to deal with felons in possession of a firearm, and we dealt with all of that. The point is that it was an absolute success. We would like to say to the general public that you may see more of these operations take place.

Of the 20 people who were arrested, three of those are facing felony charges. Those charges range from DUI to being a felon in possession of a firearm. In all 78 citations were written as part of the effort.

February 2017 Community Occurrences

February 2017 Incident Report

2-3-17 Simple Assault at Scooba Property Scooba, MS

2-3-17 Fraud/ Identity Pruitt Hand Rd Collinsville, MS

2-8-17 Simple Assault on Ethridge Lane De Kalb, MS

2-8-17 Burglary of a home (PlayStation 4) James Jones Rd De Kalb, MS

2-17-17 Accident/ Self Infliction on Firetower Rd De Kalb, MS

2-24-17 Burglary of Outside Building (2 tackles boxes, 2 tool boxes, 3 Climbing deer Stands, 1 Battery and etc..) Grey Young Road Preston, MS

2-25-17 Grand Larceny (Engraved Ring, 2 necklaces, 2 bracelets)  on Mt. Salem Road

Preston, MS

2-28-17 Simple Assault on Old DeKalb Scooba Road De Kalb, MS

2-28-17 Vehicle Fire Hwy 39 North DeKalb, MS

2-28-17 Fraud/ Identity Warrentown Rd De Kalb, MS

2-28-17 Vandalism of a Vehicle Main Street De Kalb, MS


January 2017 Community Occurrences

January 2017 Incident Report

1-8-2017 Burglary (Stove and Refrigerator) Hwy 495 South DeKalb, MS

1-14-2017 Vandalism (Broken Window) Deville Apartment De Kalb, MS

1-20-2017 Burglary Hwy 16 West DeKalb, MS

1-21-2017 Welfare Check Lincoln Rd Preston, MS

1-28-2017 Larceny (2 Trailer King Tires, Dewalt Metal Saw Cutter, Welding Helmet, 2 Polan Pro Chain Saws and Tool Set) Suttle Rd Preston, MS

Congratulation Coach Jones and Kemper County Wildcats

 Champions Dinner to honor the Kemper County Wildcats on their 1st State MHSAA Class 3A Championship.

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December 2016 Community Occurrences


12-5-2016 Fraud on 498 East Porterville MS

12-6-16 Burglary of a vehicle took a cell phone Jerusalem Rd De Kalb MS

12-12-16 Accidental Shooting Sinai Rd Preston MS

12-14-16 Burglary took 32” TV Old Jackson Rd De Kalb MS

12-17-16 Possession of Crack/Cocaine Hwy 39 North De Kalb MS

12-20-16 Identity Theft/ Credit Card Fraud Philadelphia Rd De Kalb MS

12-20-16 Identity Theft Hwy 21 S Preston MS

12-23-16 Stolen Vehicle Valley Rd Preston MS

12-24-16 Welfare Check Six Mile Road Scooba MS

12-24-16 Burglary of a home take was IPhone 5, 2 Gold Plated Necklaces w/ charms, 2 box of cologne, 1 pair of red basketball shoes James Jones Rd De Kalb MS

12-25-16 Shooting on Bloomfield Rd Preston MS


2016 Sheriff's Department Stats

2016 Sheriff Department Stats

Tag Inquiry 499
Driver’s License Inquiry 123
Gun Inquiry 16
911 Hang up Calls 39
Abuse or Neglect 2
Burglar Alarm 245
Fire Alarm 7
Medical Alarm 18
Panic Alarm 9
Animal/ Domestic 16
Animal Bite 2
Assault with Injuries 9
Assault with no injuries 9
B&E already occurred 67
B& E In progress 12
Bomb Threat 1
Deceased Persons 11
Disabled Vehicles 114
Disturbance 384
Drug Related 24
Structure Fires 24
Vehicle Fires 17
Fraud Deception 9
Funeral Escort 12
Gun Shot Fired 7
Intoxicated Person 13
Kidnapping 3
Livestock Hazard 54
Mental Disorder 11
Missing Person 12
Motor Vehicle Accidents 178
MVA with Entrapments 14
MVA with Injuries 80
Prowler 24
Public Assistance 130
Robbery 4
Safety Check Points 21
Sexual Assaults 2
Stabbings 4
Suicide Attempt/ Threats 16
Suspicious Package 1
Suspicious Person 43
Thefts 115
Traffic Hazard 36
Traffic Stop 504
Trespassing 29
Requesting Officer 12
Vandalism 41
Welfare Check 33
Wreck less Driving 119
Harassment/ Stalking/Threats 24

59 Felony Indictments were handed down by the Grand Jury
320 Arrest Made
399 Citations Issued

Approximately 3376 bags of trash were removed from the State Highways by our Inmate Litter Program. Crews also operated on the County Roads, picking up trash and assisted with numerous projects and maintenance on County Building.

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